Once upon a time, this website had content.

The owner of the website had many, many wonderful ideas.

She loved to tinker with things and drew many, many sketches of her "ideal" website.

She wrote blog posts on scraps of paper whenever inspiration hits. She wrote emails with bullet points to herself to remind herself to write blog posts that were full of wit and wisdom.

At work, inspiration would hit at odd moments of the day and she scrambled to write them the on edges of her meeting notes.

But she was accursed.

Jealousy, envy and sloth filled her.

Each morning, she woke up to hundreds and hundreds of RSS feed items filled with design ideas and inspirations, the latest of web technologies that ever paces away as you try to approach it. She burned with jealousy because she could never accomplish what others have.

She loved looking at pretty things and often tried to assimilate ideas into her "new" design. But the daily waves of amazing inventions by others drove her to throw away each revision out the window, never settling on something that she could code into existence. She became envious of those who lived in an alternate universe with 48 hours a day and have time to spin magical websites out of thin air.

Born with the ability to laze in bed for hours to read a good book (and bad ones), she was never motivated to do anything on a lazy day (which starts from 8pm to 8am on weekdays, and last 24 hours on weekends).

One day, she woke out of her stupor of endless misery and asked herself, "Why am I still doing this? Don't I spend enough time doing web development at work?".

In desperation to cut everything out of her miserable life and "end it all", she deleted her server's httpd.conf file and allowed everything to slowly be wiped out of the Internet's memory.

Hence the websites disappeared from existence (or just no longer publicly accessible).

Until one day, various service quality assurance websites repeatedly spammed her email with "server is down" notices. Apparently, a recent software update had broken some configuration.

Too lazy to disable these notifications, she crawled out of her cave and sat down to write a story...

Maybe to be continued... (but probably not).

If you ended up visiting this website because you are interested in my professional profile, please consider reading this short addendum.