If you are here to find more about me (Melissa Peh) and found this website through an online search on my professional background, you may be puzzled about the contents of this website. After some consideration, I've decided to perhaps explain my stand on this blog.

The original purpose of the story on the front page was aimed towards visitors who were linked to this website ( because of my old blog posts.

This domain ( was registered in 2002 and I have been blogging a few years prior to that. In short, I do have some history in these digital pages and have build up a reputation that I'm no longer proud of.

Like a girl who outgrew teddy bears, and like a teenager who finally took down the posters of her idol, one day, I grew up.

Suddenly, the primary focus of my blog (much of which was teenager "fangirling") no longer matched who I was. I was no longer proud of what I had written in my early years. The blog was courting visits to pages that I wrote many, many years ago which issued in comments and questions that I no longer wanted to entertain.

Fortunately, my blog succeeded in getting me a job doing what I love - web development - and I'm proud of that accomplishment. When I sat down to consider if I should still maintain it, I finally decided that it was time to "retire" it.

Today, I blog at a different website. If I have chosen to share it with you in our correspondence, there you have it. Otherwise, all I can say is that it will be semi-private for now.

Maybe one day I'll share it with the world again.

Until then...